Statement from the Organising Committee of the Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing

Robin Lovell-Badge
David Baltimore
Françoise Baylis
Ewan Birney
Alta Charo
George Q. Daley
Javier Guzman
Daria Julkowska
Julie Makani
Chris McCabe
Luigi Naldini
Cor Oosterwijk
Lily Paemka
Michèle Ramsay
Elisa Reis
Haoyi Wang
Mayana Zatz
This statement was released by the organizing committee of the Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing in London in 2023. It continues the trend from the second summit statement of laying out a path to clinical applications of human genome editing. One of the ways in which the organizers accomplish this is by making a distinction between heritable genome editing for reproductive purposes and germline genome editing for research purposes. They write that the latter should continue, while the former should not take place until certain conditions—demonstration of safety and efficacy, legality, and responsible governance systems—are met. The statement prioritizes research investment into somatic genome editing treatments with the expectation that this will make them more affordable and accessible across the globe.