On Human Gene Editing - International Summit Statement

David Baltimore
Françoise Baylis
Paul Berg
George Q. Daley
Jennifer A. Doudna
Eric S. Lander
Robin Lovell-Badge
Pilar Ossorio
Duanqing Pei
Adrian Thrasher
Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker
Qi Zhou
This statement followed the first three-day International Summit on Human Gene Editing convened by the National Academies of Sciences and Medicine. It summarizes the Organizing Committee’s conclusions, including the conclusion that “it would be irresponsible to proceed with any clinical use of germline editing." It identifies the need for “broad societal consensus” before such research should be pursued and suggests that the subject should be revisited regularly. Notably, this statement does not specifically invoke the word moratorium. It further calls for the National Academies, along with collaborating institutions the Royal Society (UK) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, to create an international forum for discussion of gene-editing research. The Summit was succeeded by a second Summit in 2018, and a third is planned for 2022.