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National Academy of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, and The Royal Society International Commission on the Clinical Use of Human Germline Genome Editing
Produced by a joint commission of leading science advisory bodies in the USA and UK, this was the first major advisory report to be spurred by news that gene-edited twins had been born in China in 2018.
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Jennifer Doudna
In this brief opinion piece, one of CRISPR/Cas9’s lead developers, Jennifer Doudna, marks the one-year anniversary of the reveal of He Jiankui’s experiments.
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Sheila Jasanoff , J. Benjamin Hurlbut , Krishanu Saha
An international regulatory commission convened by scientific academies is a premature and problematic approach to governing human germline genome editing.
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Eli Y. Adashi , I. Glenn Cohen
Writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association, biomedical scientist Eli Adashi and legal scholar Glenn Cohen detail some of the arguments against moratoria from the perspective of leading genome editing scientists.
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Sharon Begley
Sharon Begley chronicles the calls for a moratorium on heritable human genome editing from prominennt members of the scientific community. Begley also notes the absence of notable figures in genome editing, including Jennifer Doudna.
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